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Oil and Water: Online Art Course

October 16, 2017

It’s here! It’s finally here!!! I have been working my butt off this last month (or longer) to publish this course and it’s finally ready to go live. This is my first real course through my own site and I am so excited. Class starts November 1st!

Oil and Water

Creative Wanderings with Wendy Brightbill

Class starts November 1st! There is over 6 hours of video content for $54. I am offering an early bird discount of 20% off, from now until class starts. You get lifetime access to all of the content! Plus there will be live discussion through our classroom forum where I will be available to answer any questions you might have. Connect with other creative people. I will be doing several Q & A videos after class has started.

There will be a place within my course for student interaction, questions and comments.

Get the Early Bird Price until November 1st with the coupon code: earlybirdsale or just go here.

Here is the class trailor:

Oil and Water: An Online Course from Wendy Brightbill on Vimeo.


Here are a few of the techniques and topics that we will explore in this course:
  • fluid art making with inks, watercolors and fluid acrylics
  • palette knife painting with oil paints
  • messy mark making with pens, charcoal and oil pastels
  • how to layer fluid acrylics with oil paints and other mediums
  • abstract art making
  • some of the basics of oil painting
  • how to paint a still life painting with oil paints
  • building texture in a piece with oils
  • letting go and embracing the process of creating art
  • how to stretch beyond your own creative boundaries
  • insight into my creative process
  • so much more!!!

Please go check it out here! There is also a section for FAQ, just in case you want to know more about this course.

And if you go here, you can preview just a tiny bit of my class. (Just a little taste for all of you!)





Sacred Undoing

September 28, 2017

Hello everyone! Fall is in the air here in Colorado and I am loving it. It’s been a cold blustery week and it has me digging out my sweaters and leg warmers. Oh and boots and scarves. Is it weird that I love a season for the apparel you get to wear? I also love a big pot of chili and pumpkin everything. I don’t think I could ever live somewhere that it doesn’t have Fall. It’s truly my favorite time of the year.

I just wanted to remind you that I am doing a beautiful workshop with Jeanne Oliver at her studio in October. I am so excited to be doing another workshop with Jeanne. Going to Jeanne’s events are so amazing. I promise that you will be pampered the entire time. It’s called Sacred Undoing and we will be creating still life paintings. I think that there are still a few spots left and I would love to have you join us. Go here to register!

Tea and Cake

September 22, 2017

Hello all of my friends!!! I just wanted to let all of you know that I was interviewed for Tea and Cake with Gracie over on It was such a great interview and you can read it here. In this interview I share a lot of my story from my car accident and brain injury. And if you head on over to read it, make sure that you leave a comment so that you get a chance to win this beautiful original.


Plus, you can watch a fast motion video of me creating this piece for you. Enjoy!!!

Sale on Big Art

July 29, 2017

Hello there. What a whirlwind this summer has been already my friends. There have been a lot of unexpected changes in my life this summer… And one of those changes is moving across town. I’m ready for the change in scenery. But, since I am already in packing mode, I thought it might be fun to pack up some of my bigger pieces and send them off to you. I don’t do this kind of a sale very often, so if you have been eyeing one of my larger to medium pieces, this world be the time to snatch one.

40% off all sales over $200 in my Etsy shop with coupon code: bigsale 

Here are a few pieces that this would apply to. Happy shopping and happy Saturday! 

Oil and Water 

July 9, 2017

So I have been teaching myself how to paint with oils. It’s not as easy as it looks. I am having to retrain my brain because the process is so different than painting with acrylics. I hate waiting for them to dry, but I love the way they look. I have even been experimenting with watercolors and oils together. 

There are a lot of new originals in the shop and they are super affordable. 

Oh and I started naming my abstract paintings after eighties songs. It’s so fun. 

New Originals in the Shop

June 24, 2017

Guess what? There are a lot of new originals in the shop right now. Plus there are a lot of originals in my sale section, newly marked down and looking for homes. 

Buy One Get One Free!

June 11, 2017

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am having a buy one get one free sale on all the prints in my Etsy shop from now until July 1. I will be discontinuing many of the art prints in my Etsy, in order to make room for new prints. I feel like my style has been changing so much lately and I want to edit things down. It’s hard for me to let go of some of these prints because I have loved so many of them. But I thought it would be fun to go out with a bang.

If you want to know which prints are being discontinued, simply look for the * at the end of the title. I also wanted to give all of you a chance to snatch prints that you love before they are gone.

So in order to take advantage of the sale, all you need to do is purchase a print in my Etsy store. When checking out, mention this two for one sale and let me know which print you want free.

Here are some of the prints available right now: