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New Originals in the Shop

June 24, 2017

Guess what? There are a lot of new originals in the shop right now. Plus there are a lot of originals in my sale section, newly marked down and looking for homes. 


Buy One Get One Free!

June 11, 2017

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am having a buy one get one free sale on all the prints in my Etsy shop from now until July 1. I will be discontinuing many of the art prints in my Etsy, in order to make room for new prints. I feel like my style has been changing so much lately and I want to edit things down. It’s hard for me to let go of some of these prints because I have loved so many of them. But I thought it would be fun to go out with a bang.

If you want to know which prints are being discontinued, simply look for the * at the end of the title. I also wanted to give all of you a chance to snatch prints that you love before they are gone.

So in order to take advantage of the sale, all you need to do is purchase a print in my Etsy store. When checking out, mention this two for one sale and let me know which print you want free.

Here are some of the prints available right now:


Birthday Sale

May 24, 2017

Hello everyone! It’s my birthday week. I am turning 40 on Saturday. I cannot believe it!!! I am actually excited to turn 40 because I feel so settled and grounded. It’s a really great feeling. I will celebrating by attending Jeanne Oliver’s art retreat at her studio. I am so excited to spend the time making art and gathering with other creatives. I know I will be spoiled by Jeanne while I am there.


For any of you that might have missed it, I am teaching a workshop at Jeanne’s studio October 20-21. We still have room. I would love to meet you for a weekend of messy play!!! Go here to find out more details.

Now for the birthday sale… Today through May 28th, I am having a sale on all original art and prints in my Etsy shop. 30% off everything when you enter the coupon code: happy. Here are some of my favorites in the shop right now!

Originals still available.






Prints available





Sacred Undoing

May 16, 2017

I am so excited to let all of you know that I will be teaching another workshop this year at Jeanne Oliver’s studio. I am so very honored to be asked back. Teaching at Jeanne’s studio is a dream. She pampers you and honors all those who set foot on her property. God has given Jeanne an amazing gift of making women feel valued and heard. And can I just say, Jeanne is literally one of the funniest people I know. If you can come to any of Jeanne’s workshops, you will not regret it for a minute. Promise.

By the way, I just also want you to know that you are worth this kind of investment in yourself. So worth it.

Sacred Undoing.

I believe that creativity is sacred. Undoing fears, rules, and limitations that hold us back from creativity is sometimes our most important work.

When I look back on my creative journey, I can see all the ways that I had to remove all of the limitations that I put on myself in order to become the artist that I am today.

Let’s undo them together. I promise it won’t be as terrifying as you think it will.

Go here to find out even more details and to register.



Gathering Beauty Artwork & A Free Video

May 16, 2017

Hello everyone! We are really having such fun in my Gathering Beauty Still Life Painting Class I wanted to give you a peek at some of the work that students are putting out. I think that is one of my favorite things about teaching art, is to see the work of the students who take one of my courses. I just love it! If you haven’t joined all of the fun, you should. Register here. We have a great Facebook group where we share our work and experiences.

Please click on the pictures if you want links to these amazing gals!!! Thank you everyone for participating in my class!!!


by Kelly Hornig


by Cynthia Mooney


by Ivett Carrillo


by Diane Adams


by Jennifer Paganelli


by Ronnie Harris


by Samantha Flaming- Miles


by Layla Payton


by Sarah Martin


by Lynne Davey


by Amy Beeman

And because I love you all so very much, I thought that I would give you another free art video. This one was made for my Gathering Beauty newsletter, but I thought I would share it here too. It’s just a little taste of what I teach in my class. Enjoy!

Gather Beauty

April 23, 2017

I am so excited that class starts tomorrow!!! Gathering Beauty- A Study in Still Life Painting is a one week course where we will explore still life painting. I really hope that you can join me. And I am so honored to be working with the amazing Jeanne Oliver once again.

In this course, we will be looking for quiet moments of beauty to document and capture in our creative practice. We will spend time gathering all things beautiful and letting that spill out onto our canvases and paper. I will show you some of my favorite tips for creating a beautiful and unique still life composition. We will explore still life sketching on paper and in art journals. We will play with different mediums to create one of kind paintings and drawings. We will learn how to look with new eyes and really study every day moments. I will share with you all of my favorite techniques for painting floral still life pieces. We will focus on finding our own creative voice and how to express that on canvas.

The cost of this class is $48 for over 4 hours of content. Please go here to register.








April 3, 2017

This is what I have been up to these days. I have listed some new items in my Etsy store if you are interested. Click here. Also, you still have time to join me in my Still Life painting class, Gathering Beauty. Class begins on April 24. Click here for more details. Preregistration prices are over, but it’s still an amazing price!