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Classes for Summer!!!

May 17, 2018

Hello my friends! Oh my gosh, how is it already half way through May? I blinked in February and now it’s nearly summer. What the what? I am sure you are already dreaming about all of the art time you want to get in over the next few months. Need a little inspiration to get you started? Well, no worries. I have got you covered!

Watercolor Wanders


Class starts May 28th!!!

I don’t consider myself a traditional artist. I am self taught, which often lends itself to thinking out of the box when it comes to more traditional mediums. I am a mixed media artist so I am always looking for how I can use mediums together. This watercolor class is everything you need to get started painting with watercolors, in a non traditional way. Learn basic watercolor techniques. I will share some of my favorite ways to paint with watercolors. All you need are some watercolors and a sketchbook! Here are some of the techniques covered in this course:

  • Washes
  • Blending of colors
  • Color bleeding
  • Transparent layers
  • Watercolor resists
  • Masking
  • Value

We will be creating a range of landscapes, still life’s and abstract paintings.

Go here to register.

Texture Building


Class starts now and it’s free!!!

This video is a free preview of my next course, Oil and Wax. In this video, I share a few ways to begin building texture with oils and wax. Enjoy my free preview and start playing. Be one of the first to find out when my Oil and Wax class goes live.

Supply list:

  • Cold wax medium
  • Oil paints
  • Palette knife
  • Stencils
  • Electrical tape
  • Oil palette paper
  • Brayer
  • Stretched canvas or board

Go here to register for this free class!!!

Oil and Waxoilandwax11

Class starts June 25th!

In this class, we will be exploring how to build texture with cold wax medium and oil paints.

Alternative mark making, etching, collage, palette knife painting, and texture building. We will be creating textural abstracts and still life paintings. There will be over 6 hours of video content in this course.

Go here to register.

I am so looking forward to these classes! Is there something you would like to see me teach? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Painting!!!

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