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Welcome 2018!!!

January 10, 2018

Hello everyone! I feel like I am hardly ever blogging anymore, but I wanted to share everything that is new in my world. 2018 has really started out with a bang. I am filled with so much excited anticipation for this new year!

Just in case you haven’t heard, I have started offering online classes on my own network. This has been quite the undertaking and it’s been so encouraging to me to see the response. I am so entirely blessed by all of the support and it kinda makes wish I had done it a long time ago. I just wanted to share with you all that is going on over there, just in case you haven’t checked it out!

Free Abstract Floral Class

Playing Big Part 1

This course originally aired on Jeanne Oliver’s network over a year ago. Now you take it on my website as well. AND, I am going to be offering a part two of this course for 2018. $28

Oil and Water

In this course, join me as I explore creating with oil paints and fluid mediums, therefore oil and water. We will be exploring the themes of movement and texture through oil painting and fluid art. $54


All Things Paper

And starting on January 22, my latest class All Things Paper will be starting. I haven’t been so excited about a class in a very long time. It’s a collage/ art journaling course that I seriously can’t wait to begin. I am just finishing up taping for this class and I am so stinking excited about it. $54

I love the feel of old papers, especially the ones that have been well loved. There is a unique texture and a feeling like its history is right at the tip of my fingers. I love that when I paint on old papers, the history gets woven into my artwork. Old paper is to be trusted. Much like the velveteen rabbit that becomes real through love. Old books are the perfect backdrop for art and soul work and story telling.


I have been having so much fun painting on old books! I have a lot of them listed in my Etsy shop, just in case you want to snag one.

Stay tuned to see what else is coming in 2018!

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