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Online Art Journaling Workshop Coming in January!

November 27, 2017

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to announce my next online class which will be an art journaling workshop starting January 22! I’m sooo excited about this course. We will be working in old books and making our own journals and collaging and mark making and basically doing all things paper.

Class starts January 22nd! This class will be on sale for $40 for the next week, until December 4th. Then the price will go up to its regular price of $54. Over 6 hours of video content!!!

Art Journaling Workshop from Wendy Brightbill on Vimeo.

I love the feel of old papers, especially the ones that have been well loved. There is a unique texture and a feeling like its history is right at the tip of my fingers. I love that when I paint on old papers, the history gets woven into my artwork. Old paper is to be trusted. Much like the velveteen rabbit that becomes real through love. Old books are the perfect backdrop for art and soul work and story telling.

Join me for, All Things Paper- An Art Journaling Workshop

Here are a few techniques that we will explore in this online course:

  • altering old books/ ledgers to create our own art journals
  • create our own stitched journals
  • assemblage collage pieces
  • messy mark making and abstract exploration
  • photo altering
  • painting our own papers for collage
  • collage composition
  • sketch and linework
  • abstract florals
  • distressing papers
  • tea and ink staining
  • hand stitching

I will be sharing with all of you how I go about working in an art journal and all of my favorite techniques. I started my own art practice by working in an art journal. It’s a great way to get started painting, especially if you need practice. Art journaling is a great way to try new techniques or play with composition. You can take them anywhere and the inspiration is limitless.

We will also be exploring works on paper that you can then frame or mount to canvas and hang on your wall.


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  1. Angela Rae Barribeau permalink
    January 3, 2018 12:13 pm

    So stinking excited for this class! This is right up my alley! You’d think 20+ years of doing altered art/mixed-media wouldn’t excite me anymore, but it still does! XO

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