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10 Things I Learned in Make Art That Sells/ Blog Tour

December 6, 2013


1. Make art with purpose and with a specific market in mind. The kind of art that you make for a fabric line, will be totally different than the art you make for the Wall Art market. Keep that in mind while you are creating art.

2. People buy your joy. So do what you love doing. And when you get turned around with self doubt or comparison, go back to what brings you joy. )

3. Stop looking at other artists and comparing yourself. This is your journey. You journey is not going to look like someone else’s journey.

4. Keep making art.

5. Great art is the best advertisement. See number 4.

6. Your talent is not finite. Your talent will always keep growing if you let it. See number 4 (again).

7. Keep putting yourself out there. Over and over. Even when it’s hard. Because it will be.

8. Develop thick skin. It’s not personal. Really it’s not. Keep making art and keep following your joy.

9. Surround yourself with support. You will need it for where you are going. Find your tribe. The other people who are going where you are going.

10. See number 4 again. Yep. You guessed it. Keep making art.

Here are the rest of my MATS tribe mates involved in this blog tour. Go check them out!!!

Aisha Khan –

Linda Tordoff –

Jill Byers –

Martina Lenhardt –

Melissa Doran –

Sarah Gager –

HungYu CHEN –

stephanie corfee –

Sophie Verhille –

Jo Chambers –

Son Atwal Sonia Atwal –

Angie Sandy –

Rachael Schafer –

Sarah Ehlinger –

Jordan Vinograd Kim –

Jen Burbridge –

Carolina Coto –

Aileen Tu –

Claire Lordon –

Eva Marion Seyffarth –

Anna Whitford –

Mary Tanana –

Jennifer Wambach –

Victoria Johnson –

Emily Dyer

Nic Squirrell –

Melinda Hopkirk –

Deb Trevitt –

Danielle McDonald –

Jennifer Appel –

Wendy Brightbill –

Renske de Kinkelder-

Nicole Piar-

Andrea van Dalen –

Ohn Mar Win –

Diane Neukirch –

Lisa Deighan –


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  1. December 7, 2013 2:32 pm

    I’m going to apply these to blogging, if you don’t mind. And coaching. And life, kinda.

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