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creative daily rituals

September 20, 2013
deer sketch

deer sketch

ever since reading lilla roger’s book, i just like to make things, i have mulling over this idea of having a creative daily ritual.  before eva, being creative daily was a breeze.  i could easily slip into the studio for hours at a time when my other children were at school.  but now, i am finding that i need to be ever more creative about how i get creative daily.

i know that i need a daily ritual or discipline.  and i know that it needs to be something that i can do with or without eva.  sometimes i don’t always have the luxury of getting into my studio.  there are other things that need to get done such as bathing and feeding my family during naptimes.  there are some days where those things don’t happen either.

i have another friend who is dealing with this same problem.  so how can you make your creative time mobile and flexible?

i am thinking about making myself a little couch basket filled with easy to use materials that don’t make a huge mess…  materials that i can use in an art journal or sketch book.  something that i can do while i am watching the eva girl crawl all over the place.  by the way, have i mentioned that she is now pulling herself up onto furniture?  she is only seven months old and wants to be walking so desperately!!!  i am really in trouble.

how about you?  do you have a creative daily ritual?  what helps you get in the creative zone?  what keeps you from being creative daily?  how can you think out of the box to create some sort of daily ritual for creating?  do you have any tips or tricks?  let me know.

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  1. October 22, 2013 7:58 pm

    I find it difficult too! I stay up really late so that helps, but sometimes, I have to tell myself that I will not watch t.v. or stay on the computer to squeeze in some time. I have this little conversation with myself. Nathifa, watching television is spending time watching someone else live their dream when you could be using the time to build yours. That usually gets me going!….lol

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