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Success and Doing What You Love

July 9, 2013


I am more than thrilled to be a part of The Declaration of You’s BlogLovin’ Tour, along with over 100 other creative bloggers. The topic this week is success. Learn more and join up by clicking here. The Declaration of You will be published by North Light Craft Books this summer, with readers getting all the permission they’ve craved to step passionately into their lives, discover how they and their gifts are unique and uncover what they are meant to do!

self portrait

self portrait

Right before I started my creative business, I was seriously looking into becoming a medical transcriptionist. It was something that I could do from home while taking care of my children. And we desperately needed the cash. I even went so far as taking a medical terminology class online through my local community college. And right before I was about to start looking for a job… my husband stopped me.

You see, I had just started painting. And I was slowly starting to put my life back together after a brain injury. Painting was my life and my passion. It helped me walk through the depression and devastation after my car accident. I was painting hope and joy back in my heart. Painting brought me so much healing after years of battling to get my life back.

work in progress

work in progress

My husband was wise. He knew that a medical transcriptionist just really wasn’t me. True we needed the money. True following my passion would not be very lucrative up front. But it was what i loved doing. Painting brought my heart alive. Because success is more than getting a paycheck every week…

Success is fearlessly following my dreams. Success is doing that which makes my heart beat quicker. Success is defining my life and how I want to feel every day. Success is not letting a job define me. Success is becoming who I am meant to be. Success is giving other people hope by telling my story. Success is being true to myself along the way.

Ever since making that little choice to pursue my creative dreams, I have learned to define success as so much more than simply making money. And while I am still waiting to make a steady income with my creative business, I am so happy I chose this path. I get to bring other people hope and joy with my art and my story. I get to do what I love every day. I get to change diapers and make dinner and pursue my creative business on my own terms.

being mom

being mom

I have days when I wish I could grow my business quicker. But I have chosen to be mom first right now. My kids will only be this young for so long. And right now they need me to be present. Success is being able to define when and how much I work and how much time I get to spend with my children. And I really wouldn’t have it any other way right now.

I am so thankful my husband encouraged me to go down this path. And I know that one day I will achieve financial success. Until then, I will keep enjoying the journey and living the life I want to live. That’s true success.

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