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on growing pains…

May 21, 2013

after a huge creative burst last week, i hit a major creative wall on saturday. i sat. staring at my computer screen. frozen. nothing was coming out the way that i wanted it to. nothing. it felt so frustrating after so much was flowing for me. it was the crash after a major high.

but i suppose moments like those are just natural when you are going through major growing pains. i feel like i have been making huge leaps in my art lately. like creating this piece. it feels like everything i have ever learned or done in art is all coming together in a way that is just me. it feels so right.

but along with this huge growth, there are bound to be setbacks. moments where i must stop. regroup. rest.

so i took all of sunday to step away. do laundry. snuggle some babies. go grocery shopping. take care of family business.

i let go of trying too hard. waiting for my brain to get swept away on the next creative wave. such is the life of an artist. creativity ebbs and flows. and we have to be willing to wait for it to return.

here is a new piece that came out of waiting for it to return. i kind of love it.



by the way, i hope it’s alright that i am mostly just sharing new pieces right now. i feel like i just have to go where my creativity is taking me. so i thought i would just share that with all of you.

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  1. May 21, 2013 10:04 am

    Truly beautiful, Wendy . . .

  2. May 21, 2013 10:17 am

    I just recently discovered your blog and loving it. I’ve spent some time the past few days taking peeks at earlier posts and I am LOVIN’ all of it. I’ve also totally enjoyed reading about your wee ones and your creative journey, so inspiring. As a Mom who began my creative journey when my DD’s were born, I can relate to so much of what you’ve shared here. I remember what it’s like going on very little sleep, multitasking above and beyond most of the time and finding time to create, hitting walls, but always finding a door that opens when I needed it. My DD’s are now 17 and 19 and my world is still just as busy and finding that letting go is almost harder than those many sleepless nights, learning to trust that we’ve taught them all the important things and letting them make decisions that will take them into their own lives. Now we’ve got a year of college under our/her belts I can sit back and say I think we’ve done ok as parents but the lovin never stops, nor does the worry sometimes. The world can be a really harsh place sometimes. I wish for you every joy that being a parent and amazing artist brings into your life and just know that what you are putting out into the world is awesome and so very good and enriching. You go girl and I will be cheering from the side lines and absorbing some of your awesome inspiring vibes.

    • May 21, 2013 11:31 am

      such a sweet comment!!! thanks susie! it’s so good to hear all of those things. thanks for sharing!!! made my day. 🙂

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