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embracing the beauty in each day

May 11, 2013


dear ones… it’s been a week. a week of sleepless nights and days where i just feel like i am juggling. sometimes i drop a few balls. some times all of them. some days i have to ask for help… because after all, i am only one. and that’s ok really.

and in my brokenness, i find my way back to beauty. because it’s what stills the crazy swirling.

i don’t have to have it all together. after all, it’s the moments where i feel worn down and broken that make me real. like the velveteen mother.

we are all just broken. we all need to find more time to breathe. and that is sometimes the most important thing. to breathe. to lean into grace. and to embrace the beauty that is today.

i hope you find some time to breathe this weekend.

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  1. May 11, 2013 11:16 am

    Its been a week like that for me! I’m glad you kept juggling and asked for help and made it to the end of the week. We can become so insular that we forget that other’s experience a similar feeling. Thanks forreminding us we need to breathe and enjoy the beauty around us. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day week, don’t forget to breathe and love those children, despite the torments they cause us!

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