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cutting out the noise to focus

April 27, 2012

the ladybug that wouldn't leave my painting alone (a story for another day)

focus. it can be so hard to focus these days. we live in a world of perpetual noise. empty noise. with the internet at our disposal there are distractions around every corner. and with pinterest, facebook, twitter and our favorite blogs, it would be so easy to get sucked into our computers for hours. hello. i am as guilty of this as everyone else. i understand that sometimes we need to build community online. and i am so encouraged by the community i have online. without all of you, i don’t know if i would still be doing this. but there is a point where getting caught up in all of the noise can detract from what you are actually called to do.

you see, lately i have been feeling more and more that i have been called to be a voice. because i have a message that he has given me… a story to tell. a story about how he brought beauty out of the ashes in my life. and every day i feel this message growing stronger and stronger deep within my heart. it’s not something i can ignore. i can’t help but tell it.

but with all of these distractions it’s so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing. it’s so easy to start listening to the noise. and when you are listening to the noise, it’s so hard to hear the whisper. his whisper.

on my trip to see melody, i was struck by how she had chosen to live her life. you see at one time, according to the status quo, she had everything… money, a beautiful home, fame, recognition, travel and success (according to most people). but there was a moment when she began to feel like her life wasn’t real anymore… like everything was just one big pr campaign. and i realized that i also didn’t want that for my life and my business.

by the way, this is part of the reason that i haven’t shared much about my trip to idaho. i wanted to be sensitive to melody and how she has chosen to live her life. plus it just didn’t even occur to me. i think i took like 4 or 5 pictures total while i was there. and it was such a personal time that it’s not even possible to write a blog post about it.

it was in this place of seclusion that i realized that i could create the life i wanted to live. but it also just really struck home for me. in order to do what i have been called to do, it is necessary for me to cut out all of the noise. that i needed to stop looking at other artists and what they are doing. that i needed to quiet my life more in order to really listen to what i am supposed to do. that in lots of ways i needed to just. stop. looking. because it is so easy to be influenced by other people and what they are doing.

and all of these little distractions slowly chip away at your focus until you forget what you are supposed to be doing. and your focus becomes fragmented and broken.

for melody, this meant that she went off facebook for three months. for me, i think it just means that i need to limit my time online and make it purposed. i have purposefully decided not to take online art classes that i know i would love because i don’t want to be influenced  by someone else. i don’t want to even accidentally be copying someone else or saying the same things that they do. this is why i haven’t taken any classes offered by melody. even though i know they would be amazing, i know that in some ways it would influence my message. and i have to find my message all by myself. without any influence from other people.

it also means that i have decided not to look at certain people online. just the people that cause a not so good feeling in my gut. it’s nothing personal against those people, it’s just that i don’t need to be looking at them because it doesn’t produce anything good in my life. these certain people just become a distraction to what i am really supposed to be doing.

setting these boundaries in my life feels really good. healthy. safe. and i know that it’s out of this place that i will be able to truly focus on what i was always meant to do.

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  1. April 27, 2012 11:38 am

    beautifully insightful post, wendy. it’s so true how easily we can sucked up and almost consumed by everything that is the internet. i’ve been at home recovering from knee surgery all this week and have come to love my forced rest! though I’ve checked into Facebook with brief updates of my progress, other than that I’ve unplugged. i’ve enjoyed laying of the couch catching up on stacks of magazines, reading books, watching movies, just having quiet time for me. it’s been a very needed blessing in disguise. sounds like you’ve started to find what you are looking for too. sometimes it think it just comes upon us when we are least expecting it.

    • April 28, 2012 8:29 am

      i feel ya kelly! sometimes it is so important to just unplug. i was kind of laughing that i was just done telling you that the forced rest is always the hardest and then i get sick. so funny!

  2. ann permalink
    April 27, 2012 3:03 pm

    i beleive you are well on the way to creating the life you want to live… your voice is stronger than you think my friend.

  3. April 27, 2012 5:21 pm

    very good

  4. May 11, 2012 5:56 pm

    Such an important message, not looking at people who don’t bring good into your life. I find that there are quite a few people in my life at the moment who fit this category, and yet I’ve had a hard time really distancing myself from them, even when I know I don’t feel good around them. Boundaries are important for my self-preservation, and I really need to embrace them without feeling guilty!

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