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journal challenge day 167

April 11, 2012

journal entry: listen. no i mean really listen. only your heart deep deep down will lead you to truth. if you seek it with your entire heart. and sometimes you have to listen to the yucky feelings. because they point to something you really need to know before you go forward. when the winds and storms come, because they will. what do you have to stand on? what truth do you need to stand on? let the noise and distractions go. there is no place for those things where you are going. you, you have a destiny. so fight to stand on the truth.

materials used: spray inks, collage, gesso, pen.

journal challenge

day 167


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  1. April 11, 2012 9:03 am

    YOU are learning so much about color and composition
    with your 365 days journal challenge.
    365 – 167 = 198 more / you are nearing the half-way mark!

  2. April 11, 2012 9:14 am

    very good

  3. April 14, 2012 7:12 am

    Hi Wendy, So well written and love your painting! Ellen

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