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journal challenge day 160

March 30, 2012

journal entry: sometimes the creative process drives me crazy! creating sure does take a lot out of you. you are doing just fine creating like crazy, then all of a sudden you are completely exhausted. and you just have to step away for a while and do something different… like plant a garden. go figure!

materials used: watercolor crayons, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, found paper, pen.

art journal challenge

day 160

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  1. March 30, 2012 7:05 pm

    God…these are gorgeous. This is the type of art that I love!

  2. March 30, 2012 10:31 pm

    I love your use of color. I think I need to branch out more and be bolder with color 🙂 BTW I tagged you in a game of blog tag, if you have the time and are interested. See my post “Blog Tag”

  3. intuitiveone permalink
    April 1, 2012 7:30 am

    Wendy, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award.

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