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love endures all

February 21, 2012
mixed media love painting

love endures all

i have a very close girlfriend who is in the fight of her life for her marriage. it’s not easy. most people would have left the marriage long ago. heaven only knows what she has already walked through and continues to endure. there have even been times where i thought maybe she should leave.  but she holds on for one reason… the hope that everything can be restored. the hope that he can be made whole. she holds on. she endures.

now i know that this is not the popular opinion of the day. and we all have to make our own decisions, but we all have to live with those decisions. but i know if the marriage does end, she will know that she did everything to endure and love with her entire life.

i made this painting for my friend.

i am so grateful for enduring love in my own life. and many days i stand in amazement of the ways my own marriage has endured. a brain injury, years of chronic pain, personality change, depression, ptsd, financial ruin. and through it all my husband was always by my side even though there were many days that he couldn’t even begin to understand. i grappled every day with the frustration that i wasn’t the same person and would probably never be. i can’t imagine what it would be like to wake up and realize i was married to a different person.

my husband is the one who encouraged me to pursue my art and follow my dreams. and this was during a time where i could have taken a part time job doing something else. but he said i wouldn’t be happy. and we needed the money. but he believed in me and my dreams. and for that i am so happy.

so yes love has endured much in my life.

and even though my story is not quite as drastic, i can totally relate to melody ross and her story. it took a lot of courage for her to share. but it’s just another example of how love endures all. the only way we can love in this capacity is by tapping into the divine source of love.

this print will be available in my etsy shop soon!

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  1. February 21, 2012 12:25 pm

    I understand too well what your friend is going through as I battle my own issues hoping for restoration in my marriage. People have already dismissed and judged me according to what they think I should do. It is not easy but you are exactly right-we will know that we tried everything to save what has seemingly been lost. I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers and may she receive what she wants out of life and her marriage. Such a beautiful gift!

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