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journal challenge days 101, 102 & 103

January 23, 2012

hello all! thanks for all the congratulations on my 100th day of art journaling. i celebrated by not blogging over the weekend and taking it easy. i played around in my studio a ton and chilled with my family. it was really lovely.

so i have three days of journal pages to share today.

materials used: found papers, painted papers, calligraphy pen, shiva paint stiks.

365 art journal challenge

day 101

materials used: found and painted papers, shiva paint stiks, washi tape, and calligraphy pen.

365 art journal challenge

day 102

materials used: acrylic paint, shiva paint stiks, calligraphy pen, washi tape, graphite, watercolor crayons.

365 art journal challenge

day 103

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  1. January 25, 2012 6:12 pm

    Hi, my name is Maggie and I watched your youtube video.. It was really cool about the ink spray and alchohol-i tried it and its super!–im kind of starting out -my mom makes cards so she has most supplies-Ive blogged on wordpress before and it was okay.. i was wondering if you had to pay for this theme or if you just edited it or something and also the ads,how did you do that -hope its not to personal or anything

    Thanks a bunch!

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