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dreams for 2012

January 2, 2012
mixed media painting

new wings

i honestly had not meant to disappear for the last few days but it just sort of happened that way. i always find myself rather contemplative around this time of year and i needed to sneak away for some moments of clarity and dreaming. and i feel that in those moments i really find strength and purpose for the new year to come. it’s a good thing to get refreshed and energized again. this year has really amazing things in store, i can sense it.

i have been thinking about dreams and dreaming a lot the last few days. you see, last year i dreamed a few goals for my business and every single one of them came true. the surprising part to me is that accomplishing these goals were easy. it wasn’t difficult to accomplish any of them. they simply fell right into place as if by divine placement. god breathed life into all of them and they became tangible and real.

you see i think dreaming and creating are mingled together in some mysterious way. i think that when we dream, we are creating. when we see things happening in our lives and focus on what our hearts truly desire, these things simply start coming forward. there is power in dreaming and envisioning things for our lives.

i don’t mean this post to sound all hocus pocus though. i know that you can’t just dream and not do the work to accomplish your goals. it’s a little bit of both. in fact, i would have to say that accomplishing dreams requires three equal parts. one part seeing, one part doing and one part divine. mix those all together and you never know what might happen.

but the dreaming starts with the seeing. you have to see it first. you have to taste what it would if feel like. you have to believe that the impossible can manifest into your life.

so i decided that instead of making goals for the new year, i would make dreams. they are truly one and the same, but dreams sound so much more poetic wouldn’t you agree? so here are my dreams for 2012:

  • significantly grow this blog and my online presence. i have already been completely blown away by all of the new traffic coming here due to my art journal challenge. and to those of you who have just joined me in the last few months, i am so grateful to have you. welcome. i am hoping for multiplied growth this year in this area.
  • i have been published four times this last year all in magazines produced by stampington. this year i would like to branch out and see my work published in cloth paper scissors.
  • most of my published articles were about art journaling, but i would also like to be published with my artwork this year.
  • ok here is a huge one for you… i want to become licensed as an artist this year or at least start the process. i would really love to become licensed with this company because i like the way they do business.
  • i want to learn how to do encaustic painting. this one is just a fun creative goal for me. although it does seem like a daunting task with all sorts of new equipment to buy and all. and then there is the thought of doing it around little kids, yikes. i would have to be doing it only while the girls were asleep. but the thought of little stitched bits of fabric and paper under layers of wax just makes my heart go pitter patter.
  • i have been teaching more on a regular basis this year. but i think i would like to travel and teach somewhere exciting this year for two or three days. i would love to teach at the teahouse studio or jenny doh’s studio. this goal takes my breath away just a little bit, but those are the best kind i have found.
  • i feel like this year is the year to really truly start getting serious about my business. i made a lot more money in my business the last six months than i ever have, but this year i want to take it to the next level. it’s time to start making a steady profit and giving myself a paycheck.
  • i want to write two more e-courses this year. i think they will most likely be smaller than the altered life. but i have already started taping videos for the altered photo. i haven’t set a date for this e-course yet but i am thinking march sometime.
  • i want to do some sort of collaboration this year with other artists. i have an idea brewing but i just need to think through some practical things first.
  • start wholesaling my prints and work this year. some amazing things have been happening in my business lately. a few light bulbs went off and i figured out some ways to reduce the cost of my prints to make for a higher profit for me. i am seriously excited about what this might mean for getting my work in more little stores. in fact, i am going to start accumulating a list of stores to approach. so if you know of any stores in your area that you think would be a great fit for my artwork, please let me know. stay tuned because i think the price of my prints will be dropping in my etsy store soon.
  • i honestly don’t know if this will happen this year, but i dream of the day when i have my own studio. a space outside of the home where i can go to create. i would really like a place downtown where i can show my work, open it up to the public, hold classes and such. the thought of this dream just makes me beam with excitement. it may or may not happen this year, but i am just putting it out there.

wow! so if you had the patience to read through all of my dreams and goals for this year, thank you. i know it was a long list. i am thinking big this year. i hope you are inspired to make your own lists and put it out into the world. there is power in speaking out your dreams.

blessings to you in the new year! i am hoping to get caught up with the art journal challenge later today. and i will be sharing my word for the new year soon as well, still mulling it over a bit.

oh and by the way, i have an article in the new issue of art journaling but for some bizarre reason i haven’t gotten my copy yet. i will have to venture out to the store to get one.

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  1. January 2, 2012 11:31 am

    Friend, these are absolutely stunning dreams! I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!!


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