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journal challenge day 81

December 28, 2011

there are christmas toys and boxes strewn across my house right now. the novelty from the new toys hasn’t exactly worn off just yet and i am thankful. the girls seem to be finding ways to amuse themselves and i am just trying to rest up and really kick this stupid cold i have had for over a week now. yesterday i had a small fever with body aches all over. so i am just trying to slowly make my way back to normal. it’s one of those sicknesses that are slow and lingering. the girls are still coughing from it. this is not how i imagined going into the new year, but i am focusing on healing and taking care of myself.

regardless my mind has been going much faster than my body allows as i plan and dream and really think about what i want to accomplish this year. i am coming up with a monthly plan. one thing that i noticed last year is that there are most definitely slow and fast seasons in this creative business. so i am planning on working on big projects during the times that are slower and just being much more strategic about this year. i am kind of excited about that. i have been writing my list of things i want to accomplish this year and i think it’s going to be a bit longer than last year now that i know that i can actually do it.

one of the things i am working on right now is another e-course. here is an example of one of the pages i have done with using the new techniques i will be teaching in this class. i have been using photographs in my art journals more and more. and i will be teaching you how to alter your photographs so that they look more like a piece of art than a picture. i am so excited about this class.

materials used: printed out photograph, watercolors and spray inks, acrylic paint, collage, acrylic ink and pen.

365 art journal challenge

day 81


interested in more art journal techniques? check out the altered life e-course.

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