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new painting

November 18, 2011

it’s been a crazy day of trying to accomplish things around the house today. i have been in the studio on and off but i still haven’t finished a journal page for today. i will get there. committing to finishing a journal page every day sometimes just feels completely daunting. but i know that i will be so appreciative for all the ways that i have grown from this experiences. so i should have one done tonight and if i don’t get it posted, i will do so tomorrow.

but i just wanted to share a new painting with you. it’s kind of a copy of a painting that i did for a charity a little while ago. i loved it so much that i decided to copy it. of course, it’s not exactly the same. but the message and colors really are. it’s available for sale in my etsy store now.

mixed media painting

i choose hope

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