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the altered life e-course goes live…

October 27, 2011

deep breath. letting it soak in today. it seriously feels like my birthday today, only better. i am so thrilled and delighted. when i opened the page to my e-course today i was giddy.

the geek (my husband) literally stayed up until four in the morning hashing out last minute glitches. he actually has been working on them all week up until the last minute. by the way, i am so happy to be married to such a techy. there is no way i would have an e-course on it’s very own site if it wasn’t for him. so there still might be a few last minute things that need to be adjusted, but we are good to go live. ALL of the content is up on the site. that means as soon as you purchase, you will have immediate access to everything. no 24 hour waiting for your login and password. instant gratification. because that’s how we roll.

if you have pre-registered, you should already have a login and password in your inbox. if you don’t, let me know. 

this is a six week intensive class packed full of techniques, prompts and direction to help you along your path toward healing. art journaling has been a huge therapy in my life and i share with you how art has helped me down this long process of healing. i provide a scaffolding for you to begin your own journey of healing. but like everything in life, you get what you put into it. there will be a lot of exercises to help you down this path, as well as prompts to get you really journaling.

you will also be getting tons of art journaling techniques, how to put them together and my thought processes behind pages. with hours of video, i spell out my favorite techniques to you. along the way, you will hear some of my internal dialogue of what i am feeling during my journal process.

are you ready to start telling your story with color, texture, and words? are you ready to begin your journey of letting your life be altered by art?

click here if you are ready. (it might take a bit to load). $99 for a six week course, on sale from $149 until the end of the year. work at your own pace. no start or end date. join a community of other women on a journey toward healing through art.

once you get to the altered life site, you will need to register then you can purchase the e-course.

more questions about what exactly you will be getting for $99, go here or here.

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  1. October 27, 2011 11:49 am

    I cannot express how excited I am for you, my friend. SUPER excited!

  2. October 27, 2011 12:06 pm

    cheers to you, Wendy & your techy husband!

  3. October 27, 2011 6:24 pm

    Dearest sweet wendy, congratz on your ecourse! I am loving this video so much and the course sounds really interesting. I am super excited and happy for you! Have a lovely merry happy friday and a beautiful weekend! Love to you!

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