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journal challenge day 8 & a little self realization

October 5, 2011

it’s day 8 and i am loving my creative time. like i said yesterday i am surprised at how much more i am getting done. maybe it’s because it is bringing more balance to my life, or it could just be that my daughters are both in school half days now. who knows?

regardless, i have discovered a reoccurring theme in my artwork. it’s been staring myself in the face for a while now. and i feel kind of stupid that i haven’t seen it before. it’s this idea of beauty in the mess. i love the juxtaposition of beauty versus mess. maybe it’s because i feel that is what i have had to do in my life, find beauty in the places that just seem like a flat out mess. and the mess also represents freedom from trying to have everything just perfect. i have been drawn to things more and more messy the longer i have been painting and i just love it. i think the mess also shows my journey from the detail oriented perfectionist to the intuitive free artist.

i think these pages are perfect examples of mess being beautiful.

materials used: watercolors, spray inks, acrylic ink, stitching, found and painted papers, number stickers, and shiva paint stiks.

art journal challenge

day 8

art journal challenge

day 8

art journal challenge

day 8

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  1. October 5, 2011 10:22 am

    I always think of it as “happy chaos” – I love this, friend.

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