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June 28, 2011

mixed media painting

words are powerful. the spoken word. the written word.

words can build up. or tear down.

words can warm your heart, or break it.

words can bring life or death.

there is power in speaking out your dreams and intentions. something magical happens. just by speaking (or writing) your dreams, you are unlocking the door to your destiny.

only one catch. you have to hold those dreams with open hands.

this is the part that is the most difficult. what if your dream does not come true? what if it is stolen away from you? what if…

but the truth is that you must let go of your dreams in order to truly soar. a bird that you hold onto can not truly fly and neither can your dreams. and when you have nothing to lose, that is when your dreams will come to you.

at the beginning of this year i made several goals that i shared right here. and guess what? nearly every single one has become a reality in the last six months. can you believe it? the only last one i have to finish is my online class.

so i guess it is time to speak out some new dreams. maybe i wasn’t stretching my dreams far enough.

  • become licensed as an artist with demdaco
  • write a book about my story
  • own my own gallery space where i can create, sell artwork and teach classes
  • inspire other women to follow their dreams
  • attend brave girls camp
  • meet kelly rae roberts one day
  • have my artwork in stores nationwide

i know there are more. but i will stop there for today. what are some of your dreams that need to be spoken?

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  1. karin permalink
    July 14, 2011 12:41 am

    love this painting spoken and especially what you have written it has spoken directly to my heart and what a wonderful list of dreams. Am going to write my dreams today and speak them.

    So true there is POWER in the spoken word! thank you!

  2. July 19, 2011 12:01 pm

    Adore this Wendy! DREAMS ==> Launch an international boutique fashion accessory line made by the girls we rescue from the brothel with Restoration House, teach them to paint, teach my kids to paint, get all our work in galleries (maybe yours! LOL) see revival change my adopted home nation, color earth with heaven.

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