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how i found out

June 3, 2011

i woke up this morning with a feeling. the i LOVE what i do feeling. the i can’t believe that i get to live this creative life feeling. i have been in a constant state of euphoria since yesterday. is this really happening to me? *pinching myself.

this story really starts here, when i blogged that one of my goals for this year was to get published. and then a magical thing happened from simply putting my intention out into the universe. because you really never know who is reading your blog. and that is how i was published for my very first time in this magazine.

it wasn’t long after this that i sent in one of my journals. this journal. a letter to a little bird

a letter to a little bird

a letter to a little bird

this was the first thing i had ever physically sent in. and soon i was writing an article for the summer edition of art journaling. it felt so much more official this time because i was writing an instructional article on how i made my journal. but when i was writing it summer felt so far away.

fast forward several months of waiting. they tell you that sometimes your article gets bumped to the next issue. and art journaling is only published twice a year. so that meant that it could possibly not even come out until winter of 2012. so you just wait to hear if you made it in the magazine before announcing it to everyone.

so i found out in may that my article actually did make it into this summer’s issue. and i was completely thrilled. but i was waiting to even mention it here on the blog until i had a copy in my hands.

but then a funny thing happened yesterday. a fabulous, unbelievable, shocking, remarkable, delicious thing happened. roben marie stopped by to congratulate me on making the cover of the art journaling. my first thoughts, what?!? my little heart went pitter patter, pitter patter. how could this be true? surely the editor of the magazine would have contacted me to tell me if i was on the cover of the magazine. how could i be the last person to know? and in a state of unbelief, i had to see it for my own eyes.

so robyn sent me this link, and there it was for all to see. my art on the cover. seriously? i mean this doesn’t happen. getting on the cover my very first time in this magazine. that is HUGE!

cover of art journaling magazine

i have since contacted the editor. she said that she felt bad because she meant to send me an email before they posted the magazine up on the site. it truly is a little humorous how i found out.

if there was a word for being shocked, honored, grateful, full, amazed, in awe, happy, elated, fulfilled, humbled, and on cloud nine, then i would use it to describe exactly how i am feeling right now. even still, it would not describe the true depth of my heart. i just feel so blessed.

god has truly blown my socks off with this one. and it’s moments like these that tell me i am right where i am supposed to be, doing exactly what i am supposed to be doing.

thanks for sharing in my celebration with me today and for being my biggest cheerleaders!

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  1. June 3, 2011 9:51 am

    Congrats Wendy. I’ve been meaning to submit my work to their digital art mag, but I’ve been a bit lazy about it. Nicely done on making the cover. That’s huge.

  2. June 3, 2011 11:08 am

    wow – congrats! that is awesome, but very much deserved. everything you make is beautiful and full of meaning and spirit…

  3. June 3, 2011 11:21 am

    Congrats with your first publishing!!! You so deserve it, i always love what you make.

  4. June 3, 2011 2:25 pm

    Is it wrong that I want to grab that journal from you and run away as fast as I can, cackling like a mad woman?

    Seriously, though, will you ever sell it, you think?

    And congratulations!

    • June 6, 2011 1:24 pm

      lol! lori you seriously cracked me up with this comment. i have never even thought about selling one of my art journals. i might consider selling… we will see.

  5. June 3, 2011 4:59 pm

    WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WENDY!

  6. joanne permalink
    June 3, 2011 5:55 pm

    Wendy what a fantastic thing to happen to you.Congratulations!!!!Your work is just beautiful and you deserve this recognition.Through your art and your blog you send alot of love and warmth so enjoy this wonderful ride.Take care, Joanne

  7. June 3, 2011 6:25 pm

    That is the best news Wendy! Congratulations. I am so happy for you!

  8. June 3, 2011 8:07 pm

    OMGosh I love how you found out (crazy for that Roben Marie) !! I can’t imagine how I would be dancing screaming 😉 I’m gonna read the post about where it first began…could you post more on the submission? Did you have to send them your whole journal? and do you get it back? curious CONGRATULATIONS – so happy for u.

  9. June 3, 2011 10:23 pm

    Congratulations!!! :]
    You deserve it.
    The photos of your journal are fantastic, you are very talented.
    Take care always ❤

  10. June 4, 2011 8:10 am

    Hey, Dear! I loved reading your post and congratulations, once again! 🙂

  11. ann dickey permalink
    June 4, 2011 1:03 pm

    i am thrilled for you. first of many big steps for you~ i am sure!

  12. June 5, 2011 9:44 am

    Wendy, congratulations! I was so excited to hear this news, and to see your artwork on the COVER!

    What a tremendous feeling! You are such an inspiration to all of us!

  13. June 5, 2011 6:25 pm

    congrats, wendy! not just published…but on the cover! wow! so delighted for you my friend. i was just telling someone about you, your artistry, your blog and how far you had come in so short a time. the artist was always within….just not fully expressed. i this recent chapter of your life story, and how God has been weaving so much of it together over time. love, beth


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