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sunlight kisses

March 30, 2011

sunlight kisses

sunlight kisses

sunlight kisses

sunlight kisses

sunlight kisses

i forgot about these pictures that i took sometime last week. i captured this moment of sunlight streaming in my window late in the day. i love the way the light dances across the table. it was a lovely moment. a gift of beauty.

i have been on a quest to find all of these gifts in the every day. to be grateful for all of the little moments in my life. we are never promised tomorrow. and i want to live in such a way that i drink in all of the beauty i have right now. it is amazing how living in today makes me content and full. so here are some of my gifts this week.

thirty… tinker bell sunglasses. they go on first thing in the morning and don’t come off until last thing at night.

thirty one… cashew cream. it makes my dairy free life so much better.

thirty two… the rice that saved my iphone. so happy to have my phone back.

thirty three… the way the sunlight dances across the table and kisses pink blossoms.

thirty four… my daughter telling the grocers at costco that they are pretty. i love my little social butterfly.

thirty five… taking risks and winning awards. absolutely honored.

thirty six… big girl panties. enough said.

thirty seven…paint job done in my bedroom. makes me oh so happy!

thirty eight… silly dancing with my daughters.

thirty nine… crackle paste.

i am counting my way to one thousand gifts. read original post here.

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  1. joanne permalink
    March 30, 2011 12:52 pm

    They are lovely photos.I just love that candle stick too.I have recieved my book of One Thousand Gifts and can’t wait to finish my other book so I can start reading it.

  2. March 30, 2011 10:50 pm

    Yes… lovely pictures! I like the touch of “blue”, nice touch.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts, we all should reflect and count our blessings :]

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