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my five year old

March 8, 2011

she is my princess in every respect. favorite color: pink, of course. the more sparkles, the better. a tad bit sensitive at times. relentless. beware if you tell her no. i am sure she would make an amazing lawyer one day, if you could persuade her away from being an artist.

i worry about the day that she goes to kindergarten. should i warn the teacher? my daughter, she might talk your ear off. she might not stop talking EVER. she might ask the same question over and over again. she might try to persuade you that there are real unicorns at the zoo. and by the way, it doesn’t matter what you say, you will not change her mind.

she would wear a dress every day if i let her. a pink dress, even better. a sparkly pink dress, now we are talking.

her laugh is infectious. it can light up the whole room with joy. if i could bottle it, i would.

she has always seemed older than she really is. her language and personality. the way she understands things way beyond her years. i often forget she is only five.

here are a few shots from her birthday party this weekend.



pink birthday

princess cupcakes

pink birthday


pink birthday

my princess

note: i used a texture called sweet treat sample from kim classen in all of these photos. it has a pink tint to it and somehow just seemed appropriate.

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  1. March 8, 2011 10:23 am

    She sounds so precious, friend! I’m so glad the party went well!

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