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lofty goal

March 1, 2011

hey friends, i have been sick the last few days with an awful stomach bug. i am doing much better today but just exhausted. here is the post i had planned for yesterday.

it’s week 49 of 52 weeks of blogging your passion; did you accomplish your lofty goal? looking back on my goals from nearly a year ago, i feel like i have accomplished so much. i haven’t reached 100 sales in my etsy shop just yet, i am actually closer to reaching fifty now. but i feel good about so many other things that have happened in my business that this seems irrelevant.

i have taught several classes and i am about to start teaching two day workshops. i am about to be published in one of my favorite mixed media magazines, somerset studio. i am about to launch my very first e-course! who would have even thought? those were both two goals i had not even imagined nearly a year ago.

i am still working on getting my art in some more little boutiques. but i do have my cards in a few. true story. i had one person contact me just the other day who found one of my cards in a hospital gift shop. this person then went on to read more about me on my blog and website and was touched by my story. i was deeply flattered and it never gets old to hear people inspired by my story.

i am still working on establishing my style and finding my niche. but i am not sure that this process ever really ends. if i ever feel like i have arrived as an artist, what else is there to create?

one important lesson that i have learned this last year is that you kind of have to pick and choose which goals you want to focus on. you may not accomplish all of them at the same time, but you can accomplish one. pick one and then pour all of your heart after it. and i am learning that i work so much better when i can focus all of my time and attention on one thing at a time. maybe it is because i lost some of my multi-tasking after the accident. who knows?

speaking of focusing on one task at a time, i really did have a great blog break last week and i got a ton done on my e-course. there is still a ways to go, but i got a huge chunk done. that feels just amazing!

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  1. March 1, 2011 9:13 am

    It’s amazing how far we can go in just one year, isn’t it?? Congrats to you my friend! What an accomplishment!

  2. joanne permalink
    March 1, 2011 2:09 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!You have done alot.Keep up the inspiring work.

  3. March 1, 2011 7:29 pm

    First of all… I am sorry to hear you have been sick! I hope you are feeling better soon. Wow… you have reached some amazing goals. That is wonderful. Congratulations on being published in SS. Awesome! 🙂

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