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website revamp

February 8, 2011

first of all, let me just say thank-you for taking the time to take my poll yesterday. i learned a little more about all of you. i was surprised to find out that most of my readers are either artists themselves or creative. that is awesome! one of the things that just blessed me is the fact that you are all interested in my story. it just goes to show you how powerful telling your story can really be.

so i have been busy working on my website this week. i think it is good to update the look every once in a while. i love the changes and would love to hear what you think. i also revamped my about page and just wanted to share it with you. i first wrote it around a year ago when i took a class from tara gentile. i learned so much from that class. writing and revising is a non-stop process. so i changed a bunch of stuff around and i think i added a lot more personality. i hope you learn something new about me. so here it is:

wendy brightbill. wife to a major geek. is there a support group? paint from home mom, a.k.a. crazy. jungle gym to my little monkeys. creative dreamer. once upon a time kindergarten teacher. in other words, i tied an insane amount of shoelaces. recovering perfectionist, it only took a car accident to reconfigure my brain. paper, glue and paint addict. altered book junkie.

a snippet of my day would most likely consist of curious george, paint stained pajamas, green tea, playing referee, glue covered fingers, and puppet shows. naptime entices me daily into my studio to make a mess with gesso and spray inks. the most imperative lesson i have learned from experience is to keep your studio locked at all times, especially if your daughter’s cuisine of choice is india ink. or just keep poison control on speed dial.

six years ago my life was launched into disarray after being rear-ended. i found myself with a broken brain, a victim mentality, and a sick heart. i would cry at every missed appointment. i questioned my competency when making a simple phone call became tedious. i would often have no recollection of complete conversations. the sojourn back to normalcy felt snaillike at times, to say the least.

fast forward several years and enter mixed media painting. painting soon became my gift from god, my therapy, my life line. it was if i painted my way through the depression. the more i painted joyful and colorful paintings, the more i experienced joy and color in my own life. there was just something about making a mess with paint and glue all over my fingers that brought healing to my soul. the freedom that i felt in the messiness and free flowing nature of mixed media truly brought unity to my broken brain. and it was out of this place that i started to hope again.

what i’ve discovered on this life altering journey? don’t sweat the small stuff. matte medium rocks. there is life after a car accident. god can redeem the hopeless and broken things in life.

want to paint with me? get your paintbrush and let’s begin!

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  1. joanne permalink
    February 8, 2011 7:07 pm

    Hi Wendy,
    I love to hear other peoples stories.I have always taught my kids to always listen to people when they are telling you their life story.You can learn so much.I too have had depression.Infact I am still living with it and have for nearly 5 years.I love to be creative and that helps me so much.Keep up the great work.Joanne

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