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blank canvas

January 24, 2011

week 44 of 52 weeks; gratitude. i love that moment when i first unwrap my canvas. i set it gently on my easel and think about where i want my painting to go. and my mind immediately goes to colors, patterns and textures. that one moment is so full of possibility. i never know exactly where the painting will lead me. and today i am so grateful for all the blank canvases in my life.

blank canvas

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i can finally breathe. the hideous wallpaper in my bedroom is gone! yay! breathe in. breathe out. i seriously can’t explain how happy i am to see the wallpaper go. goodbye maroon and forest green! i love color but i have never loved your color combination. sorry but i never understood you. goodbye eighties. goodbye ugliness. hello blank canvas. now my room is ready to be painted on. it is so full of possibility. i can’t wait to see my room begin to take shape now. i am so thankful that i can now put my paintbrush to this room. sometimes a blank canvas is so refreshing, don’t you think?

i love january. i love the anticipation for the new year. i am not one to make new years resolutions, but i do love setting goals. there is so much possibility in january, just like a blank canvas. i can imagine all of the colors and textures that will be this year. i have the opportunity to make this year what i want it to be. i have a blank canvas and i can paint whatever i want. i am so grateful that it is a new year and a blank canvas.

after writing this post, i suddenly feel the need to get out some blank canvases.

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