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christmas traditions

December 14, 2010

good morning friends. it’s been unusually warm here in colorado the last few days. and while i do love the mild sunny days, it has me wishing for snow. it just doesn’t seem right with christmas right around the corner. i’m dreaming of a white christmas this year. no really. i am sure the midwest has some to spare for us. i guess i am happy to live in a state where we do have a chance of snow during the holidays. i can’t imagine not having snow every year. anyways, snow got me thinking about holiday traditions. and i just thought i would share a few old and new ones that our family celebrates.

christmas traditions

on christmas eve, we all get to open one present. guess what it is every year? if you guessed pajamas, then you are right. every one gets brand new pajamas to sleep in. then on the morning of christmas, we stay in our pajamas all morning. a lot of times i also give the girls a new christmas book to read as well for christmas eve. we get into our pajamas and read stories about christmas. polar express in my favorite holiday book by far.

christmas traditions

when i was growing up my mom would always give us one christmas ornament every year. she would write our names on it and the year that we received it. then when we moved out of the house, she gave us all our ornaments so we would have our collection. i always love looking at my ornaments every year now with my girls as we decorate the tree. it is always so meaningful to have all those ornaments from my childhood. i remember getting most of them. and my mom now usually gets one for my girls every year now.

christmas traditions

one tradition my dad started one year was particularly fun. he would get three colors of yarn, a different one for each of us girls. and he would start at the tree and wind our color all around the house. we would have to follow the yarn everywhere until we reached the end where we would find a present waiting. my girls might just be old enough this year to do this one. we’ll see.

christmas traditions

what are your favorite holiday traditions? i would love for you to share.

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  1. December 14, 2010 11:02 am

    This weather in southern Colorado is so strange..yesterday I even had the doors open (although only for a short bit) so that’s just strange. Its reminded me of what growing up in Southern Ca was like for the holidays. White Christmas? What’s that?

  2. December 14, 2010 5:12 pm

    LOvely! I love the yarn idea; sounds so fun. Your parents sound like they both love Christmas!

    • December 15, 2010 9:16 am

      thanks kathryn! i did have a lovely childhood and always had an amazing time at christmas.

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