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learning to trust

December 7, 2010
make your own curtains

curtains made from shower cutains


good morning friends. these last few weeks i have been stretching my sewing skills. i made these curtains for thanksgiving, with the help of my mom of course. i have been stitching in my journals. i made my first ever handbag. and yesterday i started on number two. i went to my mom’s house because i was worried that i would not be able to read a pattern. and i did need help getting started. all of the new language i am not used to, at first it felt like the book was speaking a foreign language. but towards the end, i was figuring things out on my own. and i do have to say i feel rather proud of myself. you see running a sewing machine is the easy part. i think anyone can learn how to sew. but it is all the pinning and cutting and deciphering that is not so easy. and a funny thing is happening now. all i want to do is sew. i want to buy patterns and make clothes and bags and and all sorts of things. uh oh!

sew your own curtains

love the pattern on this fabric


in the midst of starting my second bag, i felt a confidence come over me. maybe it is because it is in my blood. my mom is such an amazing seamstress, she made my wedding dress. maybe all of those years of listening to the sewing machine, it was secretly imparting a knowledge of sewing. who knows? but i found myself learning to trust myself. i can do this. i have watched my mom for years. it was almost like i had simply forgotten something that was always there. just like breathing. well, maybe not THAT easy. but it feels good. and i think my mom is happy that at least one of her girls is sewing.


my wedding dress

note: the picture is not too great. but i have yet to scan all of my wedding pictures. yes i did get married before the digital age. i can’t believe we have been married for over ten years now.

another note: we made the curtains by purchasing shower curtains. we cut one into thirds and sewed the extra onto the end of the other three to make them longer. we cut each curtain in half and lined them with fabric. i think they turned out amazing. i love using bold graphics in my home. now i have a jumping off point to decorate the basement.

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  1. December 7, 2010 11:04 am

    Love it Wendy!!!

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