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December 6, 2010

charlie brown tree

week 39 of 52 weeks; abundance. my husband put together the christmas tree this year which, mind you, is usually my job. i asked for his assistance because upon taking it out of the box, i realized it was falling apart (probably from moving). we borrowed this tree from my parents nearly ten years ago. i always thought that the tree looked kind of sparse whenever i put it up. you could always tell that it was fake because the branches barely covered the center of the tree. i never complained about it because you didn’t really notice after getting all of the ornaments on it. but something different happened this year with the tree. my husband spent nearly two plus hours fanning out the branches. and guess what? that old tree that is falling apart and branches missing everywhere looks the best that it has EVER looked. i mean truly, it looks magical. it looks like a brand new tree on display at the store. you can’t tell that it is fake. he even got it to stop looking like the leaning tower of pisa. it went from being a charlie brown tree to a glorious show piece.

i feel like there is a lesson to be learned here. this tree that seemed so sparse to me, only needed a change of perspective. all it took was a new pair of eyes to see the beauty that was already there. that this tree was truly abundant with branches and not really sparse at all. all it needed was some tender loving care from someone who could see the true potential. and it was transformed from something sparse and poor, into something lovely and abundant.

it is always easy for me at this time of year to have the wrong perspective, the we don’t have enough perspective. i love to give gifts and it always seems like finances are too tight to do what i really want. but really, if i stop and look around, i can see all the amazing blessings that are abundant all around me. if i will simply choose to look with a new pair of eyes, i can see all the things we already have. we have a beautiful new home and i am so excited to spend the holiday season here. we have two beautiful girls who look at this season with wide eyed wonder. having children makes celebrating christmas so much more magical.  this year, is also the first year that i have had my creative business. i am sooooo blessed to be following my dreams! yes, there truly is abundance all around me if i am willing to look with a new pair of eyes. and i am feeling so abundant, that i think we might even have to put up two trees this year.

i promise to share pictures once we get it all decorated. (we didn’t have enough time after my husband spent all day making it beautiful.) oh, and honey, if you are reading this… guess who just inherited the job of putting the christmas tree up?

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  1. December 6, 2010 1:25 pm

    It’s always about perspective, isn’t it?

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