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last minute curtains, i must be crazy!!!

November 24, 2010

good morning friends! it is the day before thanksgiving and i have a ton going on. i am hosting thanksgiving this year in my new home. it is so lovely having people over when you have space to spread out. i never enjoyed having people over at our last home. now i have soooo much room to cook and entertain, it really is won.der.ful.

i have some last minute cleaning, some cooking, some table decorating, oh and did i mention that my mom and i decided to make curtains for the basement last minute? well, maybe i decided and have been working my mom like crazy. my mom said she feels like we are on one of those design shows for hgtv where we are trying to finish a room in time. it is so funny. i get it from my mom. this crazy drive to create or make something. our husbands have just learned to stay out of our way, because once we decide to do something, it is going to happen. i wish i had a better picture of the curtains, but i left them at my moms house. so you will just have to look at the target pic.

shower curtain

anyways, i can’t wait to share the curtains with you. i decided that i could make curtains out of shower curtains. we are simply making them longer and backing them with liner. i think they are going to be stunning and add so much warmth to my basement. i will share pics with you as soon as they are up and done.

i also have a sale announcement for friday. so stay tuned for that! and i have been so busy creating lately that i can’t wait to share some new projects with you.

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