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my baby turns three!

September 26, 2010

i usually don’t post over the weekend, but i just wanted to share a few pics from our lovely day yesterday. we celebrated my daughter’s third birthday. she is my little spit-fire. i love her adventurous spirit. she truly has no fear and although it scares me at times, it does give me great joy. i know that she will not worry about what other people think about her and i love that. anyways, it was our first get together in the new place. it was mostly just family who came, but it was such a joyous occasion. i loved having the space to spread out and be together. at one point, my whole family was gathered in the kitchen and that was a wonderful feeling. i love having a kitchen large enough for that. there was laughter and little girls squealing and balloons and presents… it was an all around joyful day.

party design

the colors i used for decorating were turquoise, pink and lime green. i had so much fun decorating for the party that i just wanted to share it with you. the decor was rather simple… balloons, a white tablecloth, cupcakes (everything is better with cupcakes), presents, you get the idea.  but my favorite decoration was the simple circles that i hung from the chandelier. i simply cut out circles in the colors of the party and hung them with tape and ribbon. i love the fun effect!!!

design for a birthday party

then i simply accessorized the table with some candle holders that went with the color scheme. i hope you are inspired to have fun decorating for your next event.

table design for a birthday party

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  1. September 26, 2010 12:21 pm

    Everything looks fabulous! I hope your little one had a great time!

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