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September 20, 2010

hello… i am back, finally!!! the packing and unpacking has kept me away for a while now. but i am returning with a new sense of hope and excitement. i am in the midst of organizing and decorating and dreaming. i am having so much fun. not to mention getting my studio all set up. that sounds so amazing, i have my very own studio and i can hardly believe it. i keep pinching myself, like is this really real? yep. well, i can’t wait to share pictures of the new house with you. hopefully that will happen soon. but onto business as normal, it’s week 29 of 52 weeks; originality.

mixed media collage

as an artist, originality is always in the back of my mind. i think it is the question of every artist. you look for that style that sets you apart from other artists. it’s a constant battle between being inspired and being original. developing your own sense of style is crucial to making it as an artist. in fact, i have almost stopped looking at other artists just so that i can be more original in my own work. i don’t want to even subconsciously do something that is original to someone else. so what sets me apart as an artist? i think it is my use of bright colors, mixed media techniques combined with messages of hope and life.

altered book

after entering the artisan search i have truly seen how i stand out from other artists. it has been such a growing experience for me. and i think one of the biggest ways is how i use bright colors in my art. sooooo many artists use subdued colors in their work, it really is the norm. for some reason, i am just drawn to bright and vibrant colors and that really shows through in my art. the other way i think that i am truly set apart from other artists is my story. not many other artists can say that their life was turned around through art. i guess i am unique in all of the experiences that i have gone through as a person with my car accident and the journey back. and i love being able to inspire other people with my story and what i have walked through. my story really is the most powerful part of my art and i don’t ever want to stop telling it. with every stroke of every brush i want to bring hope and life to other people.

every day i hope to grow in my originality as an artist. i guess that is one of the adventures of being creative. i actually look forward to every day and coming up with ideas that no one has ever thought up. i love being an artist and stretching my creative talents.

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