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my studio in progress

September 15, 2010

hello my dear friends. the business of unpacking is coming along. i am slowly getting my life back into order. i have been unpacking and cleaning and organizing and planning and dreaming. i have never had such a strong desire to organize before. maybe it is because our home was in such disarray before. i am also finding a very strong desire to purge. i have so much that i don’t need. so i am getting rid of all the things that i don’t really LOVE. i am tired of stuff taking over my home. i want my household to run like a well oiled machine. and i don’t want to look at ugly things anymore. if it doesn’t make me happy, it is time to say goodbye.

i am also just trying to figure out how i want my studio to look. i want it to be a room full of color and inspiration. i want it to be a reflection of my art. i haven’t decided what or how i want to paint the walls yet. i might just leave the walls white with tons of pops of color. we will see. i am also thinking grey would be a lovely color, like in the following photo. and if i do paint grey, i am not sure if i want to do all of the walls since i have vaulted ceilings.

studio inspiration

so i am just taking my time to decide what i really want to do. here is a picture of my shelves that my mom helped me set up yesterday. now i just have to fill them with lovely containers and such. i will keep you posted on the progress of my room, and i have some fun and exciting things to share with you all very soon.

art studio

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  1. September 15, 2010 11:29 am

    I went for white in our huge family room with a vaulted ceiling of which I’ve taken a third for my studio. I thought it would be nice to let colour “pop” out. Mind you still waiting for dear heart to finish the cupboard shelves, so I can put the fabric boxes away and paint the outside!
    Happy unpacking and sorting I completely understand the need to purge its lovely.

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