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boxes, tea and artisan search

September 7, 2010

this last week has truly been a whirlwind. that might explain why i have been missing. we found out that instead of moving on oct. 1, we are moving sept. 11. which is super exciting. i had started to feel like i couldn’t spend another moment in this house. i guess i have never explained why. this house to me symbolizes all of the yucky stuff that has happened after my car accident. you see, we had to move out of our beautiful home into the older town home we are in now. i did my best to make the most of it. but it has never felt like home. so this truly feels like that season is coming to an end with this move. and. that. feels. so. good.

i have been packing as much as possible. there are boxes in all of our rooms. i am making progress. but i still have so much left to do. i did have a major unexpected setback this last week. both of my daughters caught an awful cold, and if that wasn’t enough, i got it too. so in the midst of boxes, we have been fighting this awful sickness together. i had to take some time to rest a whole bunch, and drink tons of tea. any parent knows that the worst thing ever is when you have sick kids that you have to take care of while you yourself are sick. i don’t recommend it at all. we are all on the mend, but not in the clear yet. this nasty bug is holding on and i am hoping it will not be too much longer. i even had to cancel my last altered book class because of being sick. i am hoping to get it rescheduled soon. but i have a super exciting announcement about my next class coming soon…

i did manage in all of this craziness to finally finish my altered book for the artisan search. i feel like i didn’t really have time to perfect it, but sometimes you just have to let things go. you know? so here are pictures that i took today with my new iphone 4. did i mention i have an iphone 4? no, i am not bragging… well, maybe a little bit. i think they actually turned out pretty good for a phone. i think they are even better than the pictures i take with my camera. i hope you enjoy and be sure to visit the artisan search to check out my entries and make a comment! 😉 there are even more pictures there for you to enjoy.

mixed media altered book

mixed media altered book

mixed media altered book

mixed media art journal

mixed media altered book

mixed media altered book

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  1. Kelly Hay permalink
    September 7, 2010 6:47 am

    Came across your blog through an art search on wordpress. Just wanted to say that I really like your work! The images in this post are so uplifting and positive!

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