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the final stage

August 29, 2010

week 27 of 52 weeks, the final stage of completion. finishing a painting is all about intuition to me. i stare and stare at my painting, before i decide if it needs something else to make it complete. it is just a feeling, a knowing and an all around gut instinct. i can’t explain it. sometimes i might add a touch of color here, a piece of paper there, a drip of paint or even a word. there, that was what the painting was missing.

when i was working on this piece for the artisan search 2011, it took me a while to decide what else it needed. i started with this background.

mixed media collage

then i added an outline of a flower dripping the paint at the bottom. at that point, i was simply stuck. something told me it needed something else, but what? that is when i started piecing paper inside the outline of the flower. originally, i was thinking that i wanted to make the entire flower yellow. but i did a few petals, and i kind of liked half of them filled and half of them simply as an outline. the final touches came by painting half circles on the edges of the painting to ground the piece.

mixed media collage

it was finally at that point that i was happy! i knew the painting was finished. all that was left to was to write the description of the painting and name it. thanks for all of your suggestions! the funny thing was that i was already thinking bloom. i didn’t say a word and you all came up with that name on your own. so bloom it is. here is the description i wrote for the piece:


Life has not always been joy and inspiration for me. After getting into a car accident six years ago, my life has been one of heartache after heartache. I suffered from depression and a broken brain. I had lost my joy in living. I would cry at the drop of a hat and often wondered why I couldn’t accomplish the simplest of tasks like making a phone call. Painting soon became my gift from God, my therapy, my life-line. It was if I painted my way through the depression by creating the life on canvas that I truly wanted to live. The more I painted joyful and colorful paintings, the more I experienced joy and color in my own life.  My heart began to bloom with excitement and life.

This is an original piece titled “Bloom” on an 11 x 14 stretched gallery canvas. I used acrylic paint, handmade papers, vintage wallpaper, vintage book pages, paint store swatches, handwritten vintage letters (written by my grandmother and grandfather), clothing patterns, and watercolor crayons. I love using found objects to create textures in my paintings. I choose vibrant and bright color schemes for all of my pieces. I chose a complementary color scheme for this painting of yellow and violet and I love the contrasting colors together.

yesterday i uploaded all of my pictures to the artisan search 2011. feel free to head on over there to comment or give me some view lovin. be sure to check out my friend dana barbieri as well!

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