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one car syndrome

July 23, 2010


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have i ever mentioned that we only have one car? yep. i am a stay at home mom and we only have ONE car. fortunately, my husband works out of the home, so at least his job is flexible. but i have developed what is called one car syndrome.

i have to stay extremely flexible because my husband has to be able to use the car on a moment’s notice. with his business, he is on call at all times. with one car syndrome, i have been known to leave the grocery store before i even make a single purchase. i don’t show up to social events because my husband does not come home in time. i frequently have to reschedule doctor’s appointments, and i think the secretaries get tired of hearing from me. i try to leave as early in the morning as possible with my girls in order to get all of the shopping done before my husband wakes up (he is not a morning person which works very nicely for me). i have been known to scrounge the freezer for a meal because i don’t have a car to do the shopping.

there was a day when i thought it was weird that my friend had one car syndrome. i did not understand why they didn’t just get another car. well, i guess i get it now. for whatever reason fixing our jeep that is sitting in our garage has just not become a priority for us. i think it should be, but with all of the budgeting we are doing right now it just does not seem possible. so we make sacrifices and we live without. and if we are not communicating, disaster ensues. i seriously can’t wait until we are a two car family again… there will be so much freedom!

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  1. July 25, 2010 1:25 am

    it’s impressive you guys are able to pull that off. people use to be one car family’s a lot years and years ago i guess but it’s so challenging!!!

  2. Blythe permalink
    July 25, 2010 4:12 pm

    We are a one-car family, too! It’s a value we hold and hope to live out as long as possible. I’m sure we’ll get to a point where we have teenagers and lots of activities and will need to be at least a two-car family if not three-car!

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