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on the path toward healing

June 21, 2010


happy monday friends! today is week 16 of 52 weeks, share a recent success. on friday, i posted this video and shared the most recent success in my business. click on over to hear more. and i can’t wait to share tomorrow or wednesday where my guest post will be appearing. today i thought i would share a more personal success with you.

six years ago, my life was turned upside down by a car accident. i found myself with a broken brain, a victim mentality, and a sick heart. i had lost my joy in living. i would cry at the drop of the hat and found myself often wondering why i couldn’t accomplish the simplest of tasks like making a phone call.

after the trial from my car accident this last year, my body simply started shutting down. i began developing food allergies. i just recently found out what those allergies were. and i just have to say, this has been a very difficult thing for me to wrap my brain around. the hardest things have been not drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, or enjoying a glass of red wine with dinner, or eating eggs for sunday brunch. mental breakdowns, there have been plenty. i have been feeling rebellious toward these stupid allergies lately. (confession, i have been cheating.) but i refuse to believe that this is end of the story, that i will simply have to deal with these allergies for the rest of my life.

it was this restless feeling that led me into a non-conventional doctor’s office this last week. there was something inside of me that said there had to be another answer. and when i spoke with the doctor, it was if weights just starting lifting off of my shoulders. she just got me, my allergies, my brain problems, my emotions, everything… she just got it, the whole big mess! *sigh of huge relief* i knew there was a reason god was leading me to this doctor. what is the next step? i go in on wednesday for some more tests. and then she will be treating me for the root of my problems, which are most likely yeast, bugs or toxins (or all of the above). and once we start treating those, my food allergies should go away.

it is another piece of the puzzle. and i really feel like this is the missing piece of complete healing from my car accident. i don’t know that it will ever completely be over and done with, although i totally believe that it can be. but i just feel like this is a huge part of getting my life back. and i am totally excited, thrilled, relieved and inspired.

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