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is beauty a necessity?

May 24, 2010

it’s week 11 of 52 weeks and i didn’t do my homework in time for an interview, so i am skipping ahead to week 12 and will come back to 11 next week. so this week is about posing a question. i have been thinking a lot about beauty lately. i guess this might be because it is my job as an artist to create beauty. and because i don’t think a day goes by that i don’t need beauty in some way. whether it is the sunset behind the peak, my daughters’ smiles, or a new pair of shoes that make me feel fabulous, i am always drawn to beauty. it is just part of the human experience. and i am kind of processing this idea that beauty is a necessity. that we can’t live without some sort of beauty in our lives.

i know what you might be thinking, food, clothes, water, shelter… these are necessities. but maybe beauty is a necessity of the heart. maybe we couldn’t actually find the will to live without beauty. think about it. during recessions there are supposedly two things that actually increase in sales. one is alcohol. i get that. guess what the other thing is? lipstick. yeah, you would think that would be one of the first things to go out the window in tough financial times. but nope. why lipstick? why do we feel the compulsion to find beauty or be beautiful during a trying time?

mixed media collage

Trash aLa Mode

beauty is something we need to get through the trials and depression in life. it heals. it restores. it lessens the sting of life. have you ever noticed what you do for someone who has recently lost a loved one? you send flowers. of course, this is not to say that flowers can make everything better when you are dealing with such a loss. but there is just something about beauty… it transcends words. it comforts when words cannot.

flower photo

A Life Through the Lens

historically speaking, what about the men who traveled to war? in the midst of death, the men were comforted by beautiful women coming to put on a show, or they would bring pictures of pin-up girls. i am also reminded of a story i heard once, of a soldier on his deathbed. the nurse attending him knew he was dying and asked if she could do anything for him. he answered her by saying, “put on some lipstick for me”. why? what is so magical about beauty?

etsy find

Scarlet Beautiful

as an artist, i am continually amazed at the healing power of creating and sharing beauty. in my own life i have seen how beauty has seen me through my own difficult struggles. it continues to bring restoration to my heart and life and i am so grateful. but i also am thrilled that the beauty that i create can bring healing to someone’s heart. so what do you think, is beauty a necessity? how has beauty brought healing to your own life?

(Click on the pictures to find the source for the artwork.)

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  1. May 30, 2010 4:03 am

    i adore the art
    of the woman
    in the dress!
    the world is
    more beautiful
    she is in it. x

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