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storytelling for creative biz success

May 23, 2010

this last month i had the opportunity to participate in the  e-course, between the lines. if you have visited my site at all, you know i speak very highly of tara gentile. she has been a huge resource for me just starting my business! some of the things that i have learned from her include: how to tell my story, who my ideal audience is and how to target them, how to write a solid about me page, how to brainstorm blog posts targeted to my ideal audience, how to write product stories, and so much more. storytelling is the one thing that sets you and your brand apart. i am so excited to take everything i have learned from this class and put it into action. bummed that you missed out on this class? well, you can now purchase the e-book written from this class. If you are interested in purchasing this book, simply click here.

want a little teaser? here is a blurb from tara herself:

“Take a hard look at your business and ask yourself the same question I’ve been asking myself for awhile now: are you trying to be everything to everybody? Or have you defined your business in terms that allow you to own it, inside & out?

Your business will be defined, ultimately, by the people who choose to be a part of it. Who are these people? Who is your ideal customer?

Describe your ideal customer. Consider everything! Think about what he/she looks like, her interests, her home, her family… Be as specific as possible with as many characteristics as possible. Avoid generalizations, wide age ranges, cookie-cutter people. Also avoid an ideal customer who looks & acts just like you – that’s called a competitor.

You are writing the story of the customer who will literally buy everything you produce or any service you offer. And then tell her friends.

From now on, when you write a blog post or develop a new page for your website, you will look at what you’ve produced through her eyes. Is she satisfied? Does she feel a personal connection to your work? Or is your blog post wishy washy, poorly focused, lacking useful information, and a clear point of view?

Your business story must be focused on this ideal customer for it to earn its keep – and to earn you real income. Speaking directly to your customer – her needs, her problems, her desires – with personal introspection creates a compelling story that builds traction for your business that results in more sales, more satisfied customers, and long-term growth through referrals. Further, speaking directly to your customer creates a niche where you business stands out from any other. You are one-of-a-kind, your business and your story should be too.”

please note that i will receive a portion of the profits if you link from my site and purchase this e-book.

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  1. May 23, 2010 11:46 am

    Hi Wendy. Stopping in via Flying Lessons. I love your blog and your art.


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