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collage techniques

May 11, 2010

i can’t believe how fast i am flying through 52 weeks of blogging your passion. this is week number nine, and we are asked to document a second stage of our creative process. when i thought about sharing this, i realized something about collage. there really is no second stage, or even first stage. in collage, there are only many different techniques that you may use in any order you wish. this is one of the reasons that i fell in love with collage. the possibilities are endless. the last time i shared layering papers with matte medium as a technique. this is probably the most basic you can get in collage. this week, i think i will share a new technique i just learned of dripping rubbing alcohol onto paint. so here goes:


acrylic paint

rubbing alcohol



paint a base color on your canvas. allow the paint to dry completely. take the same color, only a lighter hue. water down the paint. paint a second coat over original darker coat. place canvas on a table or level work surface. dip paintbrush into rubbing alcohol and drop all over canvas. if your paint is too thick, this effect will not work as well. i am sure you could even try this with two different colors as well. here is what the end product looks like. this picture did not turn out as well as i wanted it to, but you get the idea!

collage techniques

and here is the end product. in this picture, you can see what alcohol dripping looks like layered with other techniques.

mixed media collage

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  1. May 11, 2010 8:10 am

    thats a really cool effect

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