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falling out of love

April 28, 2010

wedding trip

this weekend was a whirlwind for me! i was able to witness a wonderful wedding of my dear, dear friend. but while i was in st. louis, it was nearly impossible to stick to my crazy diet. i got really sick from eating things i shouldn’t have like vinegar and dairy. if i had known how much it would affect me, i would not have strayed. my body was on serious overload. we ended up missing two flights home. i was supposed to return home on sunday afternoon, but we did not get home until late monday night. and i got to visit the local er before returning home. not the way i was planning on spending my mini vacation. i am doing fine now, but still recovering. after getting that sick, you will not hear me complaining about my diet anymore. now that i know the cost, it makes it so much easier to follow.

so my 52 weeks post is a little behind this week. the topic is falling out of love with a technique. when i first started out, i was drawing with pencils. in high school, i took a drawing class at my local hobby lobby. at the time, i loved it. and i am so thankful that i started with pencils because it is the foundation of what i do now. if i didn’t know how to draw, i wouldn’t be able to paint. but drawing with pencils soon just became a chore. there was no joy or spark left in it. so i stopped. not only did i stop drawing, i stopped all artistic endeavors. i wish that i had thought about exploring other medias at the time, but i did not.

it wasn’t until nearly a decade later that i picked up a paintbrush. and then it was time to fall in love with a new media, collage. and i am having the time of my life.

do you have a similar experience?

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  1. April 28, 2010 10:51 am

    I was the same way – once I found paint, I wanted nothing to do with drawing.

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