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april wedding

April 10, 2010

so i am a little peeved today! i have searched and searched and searched but i can’t find my camera video card anywhere. the last time i had it was at the beginning of this week. i am now thinking that it grew legs and walked away. it is very difficult running your business without use of a camera. i am so hoping that it will turn itself in VERY soon!

on a much happier note, this month i am super excited to share with one of my friends who is getting married. she is a decade long friend, the kind that has stood the test of time. we have walked through a lot of life together. i have seen several prospective guys come and go in her life. and i seriously could not be more happy for her right now. she has found a man who will love and cherish her like she deserves. and i couldn’t be more honored than to stand up with her on her special day.

so today i was thinking about finishing off my look for the wedding. here is my dress.

white house black market

bridesmaid dress

this is what i was thinking for my necklace…

bibb necklace

necklace inspiration

so if i had the money, i would be purchasing this absolute beautiful necklace from Miss Betty Lou. but because i spent $140 on the dress, i am trying to cut back on the funds. so i was thinking of making something similar myself. do you think i am crazy? i probably am.

and for the shoes, i am hoping to find something like these when i am out shopping today.

purple shoes

so what do you think? oh, and i forgot to mention her color is purple. any suggestions for a clutch?

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  1. April 10, 2010 4:16 pm

    yay! my husband found my camera video card in a random drawer in my desk, not where i left it. i knew that my daughter had gotten it somehow.

  2. April 13, 2010 5:20 pm

    What a cute little dress!

    I’ve always loved a slate gray with purple. Maybe a gray clutch? I bought a fabric one from that I love.

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