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new design

April 9, 2010

good morning friends! i have been doing a little redesign of my blog. so what do you think? i loved the green, one of my favorite colors, but i felt like it was distracting a little from the artwork. so i went with white. which is very unusual for me to choose white because i love color so much. and i did my banner to look like it was a collage painting. i like how it turned out. it’s always kind of fun to play around with the settings. i seriously feel like changing my theme every week, i guess it is the artistic side of me. but i don’t think it is good to change it that often so i have to restrain myself.

this week has been a little bizarre for me. i feel a little bit out of it. i spent so much time figuring out some new recipes for my diet. and i have been in major detox mode. have you ever done a detox? it seriously messes with you. i have been grumpy and irritable, and continually hungry. my brain has been super foggy. but i think i am finally through the worst of it. i am looking forward to life getting back to normal, or at least a new normal. my studio is calling and i am soooo ready to get back to creating!!!

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