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big life change

April 7, 2010

so today is just a life update for me. it has nothing to do with my art, but will be a huge part of my life. i just recently found out that i am allergic to yeast, dairy and eggs. i have already been living a wheat free lifestyle, so i am no stranger to making sacrifices in my diet. but right now this seems huge. i think i could handle the dairy free part, even though i absolutely love cheese. but eggs… i love eggs and they are a huge part of my diet. then on top of that, yeast as well! oh my! yeast seems to be the most daunting because it is in so many more foods than you realize. in order to take care of my yeast problem, i have to avoid wine (all alcohol), nuts, sugar, and vinegar. yikes! to say i am feeling overwhelmed is an understatement.

besides art, my other love is cooking. it is another area where i can create. and i am pretty good at it too. after a whole year of reteaching myself how to cook gluten free, i have several other foods to avoid now. it is going to take me a while to figure this out. i have been researching like crazy ever since i found out. so if you have any resources on any of these food allergies, please let me know!


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