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inspired: france

March 24, 2010
coffee shop france

france cafe

french baguette

french baguette

French Cafe

tara, over at scoutie girl, asked us to share about our European inspiration. so here goes…

it has been over a decade since i have visited france. a lot of the memories and nuances have faded, but i still recall walking the gorgeous streets of bordeaux. the buildings themselves were a piece of art with their beautiful windows and flowers spilling out of the balconies. every brick was a stoke of a paintbrush in a painting.  on every corner there was a little cafe where you could order a cafe au lait with a baguette or croissant. it was more than a cup of coffee, it was an experience… one that i will not easily forget. sigh! can i go back? somehow the simplest things were such pleasure.

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