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March 17, 2010

multi-media collage dream painting

i have been thinking a lot about dreams lately. you know the plans you make in your heart when all the limitations fall away. the take your breath away, goosebumps kind of dreams. the “i have no idea how in the world that could ever happen” kind of dreams. when i was younger, i really didn’t know how to dream. i was too afraid to dream; afraid of disappointments, afraid of failure, afraid of not being deserving enough.

then something happened and god opened my heart to dream. i grew brave… maybe, just maybe, one day this or this could happen. i grew brave to face the fear and disappointment and to take a risk. but i still don’t think i actually knew how to dream. my dreams were not really ME. i didn’t know how to dream because i didn’t know myself well enough. the dreams i thought about were someone else’s dreams, not mine. so they never really took root in my heart. it was like i was chasing after dreams that never belonged to me. no wonder i never caught them.

it is only now, that i feel like my dreams are truly mine. i own them. you see, i know myself more now. i know what i was designed to do. i know what brings me life. for the first time, i look forward to every day and what new things are in store. i look forward to filling up my blank canvas with my heart. but this place did not come easy to me. i only found it after surrendering during a difficult season. it was by going through the fire that i was able to find my voice, my passion and my dreams. now, i feel like my dreams are the purest they have ever been, because they are the closest to who i am.

what is holding you back from dreaming? are you afraid of disappointment, failure or not being worthy? do you know who you are or are you following someone else’s dreams?

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  1. March 17, 2010 10:48 pm

    It’s taken a while to figure it out, but I can say that I’m following my own dream. It’s not perfect for everybody, but it is perfect for me. I feel like I’m on the path I’m suppose to be on – it just feels right. Like the universe is giving me a big hug for being where I’m suppose to be, and doing what I’m suppose to do.

    I think dreams are funny things – they get bigger and bigger, till you want them more than you’re afraid to try.

    Lovely post, Wendy!

  2. March 18, 2010 7:17 am

    thanks for sharing brandi! i would have to say my dreams have gotten so much bigger lately.

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