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new in the shop for spring…

February 26, 2010

Photography Spring Tree

i think we all have it. the case of the “i’m so ready for spring to be here already” blues. but i think i’m ready for spring in more ways than one. i think i am ready for a spring season as well. you see, life has kind of been stuck in a winter season for sometime now. in fact, you can even see it in my paintings. all of the trees i have painted do not have any leaves… meaning winter. this is my first tree with leaves. yes, i think it is time for spring to be here. multi-media collage tree bird painting

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now to come up with a name for this one. any suggestions? right now it is just titled “Spring Fling”. but i know we can do better.

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  1. February 26, 2010 10:59 pm

    Oh I love this one too! You are incredibly talented, I’m in love with all of your art!!!

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