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paintbrush bouquet

February 16, 2010

this year for valentine’s day, i didn’t want the typical roses and chocolate. for some reason, flowers are just better for no reason at all. on valentine’s day, i usually want something more original. don’t get me wrong, i always love flowers. but i also like something with a little more creativity. so this year instead of flowers, i requested paintbrushes. this is the bouquet of paintbrushes my husband gave me. i LOVE it. the bottom is my favorite dark chocolate bars, and in the middle is a paintbrush washer. i can’t wait to use all of these beautiful brushes!

paintbrush bouquet

Paintbrush Bouquet

now for my latest paintings… i hope you enjoy them!

multi-media collage rain painting

Make a Splash

available soon

multi-media collage bird painting

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  1. Kiersta permalink
    February 23, 2010 5:44 pm

    I love Make a Splash! I wish I lived in your creative world!

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