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beauty from ashes

February 8, 2010

this hasn’t been my most favorite year. in fact, i think that i faced the most difficult situation of my life this year. without going into all the ugly details, it was a trial that i did not see the justice that i really needed to see. my world came crashing down. i think when we face these situations, we have a choice to make. pick up the pieces and move on… or just dwell in the grief and sorrow. well, i have made the choice to move on. even though it is not easy, i am moving forward. i will see the blessing of the lord. right now i am meditating on psalm 37. dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.

it is out of this place of devastation where i have truly begun to create. i needed a place of life. somehow creating something out of nothing, is bringing healing to my broken heart. it is exactly what i needed in this season of my life.

it has been a year to the month now since i experienced this loss. i still don’t have any more answers… but i know that restoration is coming. this month, i am hoping to make a giant leap in this new business adventure. i don’t think it is a coincidence. i think it is god’s hand of blessing. it is time to move forward and now i finally have a direction to go. hope is being restored.

this is a painting that has come from ashes of my life.

multi-media collage hope painting

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